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Fill in our online survey form to provide us with your requirements and suggestions so that we can provide you with higher quality products and services. Kangquan Company will send 50 lucky survey customers every month, giving you a fine gift. Award will produce 10, prizes for the Apple MP3, a winning announcement will be published online for you
Your email is used:
You select the appliance because Kytril(Multiple choice):
Brand  Function  Quality  Security  Aftermarket  Word of mouth  Promotions  Energy Saving  Exterior  Other:
You are satisfied with the quality of our products?
  Very well Better General Not good
 Host Appearance
 Controller Appearance
 Safety Performance
 Energy efficiency rating
 Intelligent Control Technology
 Easy to use
 Easy-to-understand instructions
You can call the customer service hotline care when after a few phone calls turned? bout
You can call Customer Care Hotline at how these performance receptionist?
  Very satisfied Satisfaction General Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
 Courtesy enthusiasm
 Familiar with the business
 Active sincere
 Timely booking site service time
 The overall impression of her service
What do you think the top three most important? Are:
From repair to repair interval How long? (Installation services for telephone booking to installation time) Hour
When you provide a service, and how these performance-site service personnel?
  很满意 满意 一般 不满意 很不满意
 Enthusiastic and helpful
 Equipment clean and decent
 Happy to answer your questions
 Punctual for appointments on-site installation and maintenance
 Explain the use and maintenance issues
 Finishing the scene and keep the site clean and tidy
 Your overall impression of his / her service
What do you think the top three most important? Are:
When your service, door-to-door service is several times to finish the installation or repair of your machine? bout
On-site service personnel after the completion of the service, whether you are requested to confirm the signing of documents on service content services? Yes  No
If this service outside the warranty period are charged to repair, do you think our fees reasonable? Reasonable   More reasonable   General   Unreasonable  
The overall impression of our work you how? Please select and to illustrate:
  Very satisfied Satisfaction General Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
 Customer Service (contact from the phone to complete on-site service)
 Product Quality
 Sales (not including shopping malls offer delivery service)
Your customer service to our comments and suggestions What?
Kytril electrical products in use in the process, you also need to think what additional features?
When buying other appliances, you can choose whether Kytril electrical product again?
Sure   Can   Uncertain   Will not   Certainly not  
You can ask your family, friends recommended Kytril appliances it?
Sure   Can   Uncertain   Will not   Certainly not  
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