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Hangzhou Kangquan Water Heater Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest and largest professional electric water heater manufacturers. Kangquan water heater has been selling more than 30 countries or regions, the product quality has been highly appreciated by global buyers and users.


Hangzhou Kangquan Water Heater Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest and largest professional electric water heater manufacturers in China. Kangquan over the years has been adhering to the "professional, progressive, innovative" concept, to become "water heater supply experts." Today, Kangquan water heaters have been selling the world more than 30 countries or regions, product quality has been the global buyers and users of the highly appreciated.

    As a pioneer in the industry, from 1987 to 1997, Kangquan led the electric water heater on the gas water heater battle for the electric water heater to occupy the leading position in the water heater industry has made outstanding contributions, while consolidating the Kangquan in the electric water heater industry's leading position The In 1997, Kang Quan advocated "professional manufacturing, do better" concept, and further development of specialized routes, in 1998 to become the three leading electric water heater brand.

Kangquan has been advocating "safety first" sense of social responsibility, the electric water heater safety protection issues identified as the focus of research and development, in 1998, the first to launch electric water heater professional leakage protection system, and quickly by the industry as a safety standard, which fully confirmed Kangquan water heater's strong technical strength. In 2000, Kangquan from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and other countries on behalf of the world's advanced level of the introduction of automatic production lines and testing equipment, investment in the completion of Kangquan modern industrial park, so Kangquan research and development, design, production capacity ranks the forefront of the world, Kangquan began to enter other energy-driven hot water supply area in 2004, successfully developed air-source heat pump water heater in the Kangquan National Laboratory, the finished product after five years of testing and testing, is now mature to put Market, as the air source heat pump water heater industry professional benchmark. With industry-leading technology, Kangquan was invited to participate in the development of the People's Republic of China electric water heater safety, performance and installation of a total of 11 national standards and two industry standards.

Kangquan electric water heater for two consecutive won the national seven ministries jointly criticized the country's best-selling domestic products "Golden Bridge" award, for nine consecutive years was awarded the "China Famous Brand" title; "Kangquan" by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce assessed as "the most Market competitiveness of the brand "," Kangquan "trademark was assessed as" China Famous Brand. " In the international appliance giant in China's massive expansion of the situation, Kang Quan devote themselves to study, inspirational innovation, and actively implement the international strategy to leading technology and excellent products successfully into Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other dozens Countries and regions. In 2007, Kangquan in the electric water heater industry took the lead in obtaining UL certification, becoming the first domestic products can enter the US and North American market sales business, Kangquan thus become "MADE IN CHINA" electric water heater pilot, in the The international market has maintained a strong competitive edge and development.

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