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Storage water heater
Kangquan is one of the earliest professional electric water heater manufacturers in China. It provides 6-200L high energy-saving household water storage electric water heater, energy saving at all levels, all-round active safety protection patent, for you to create efficient, stable and comfortable hot water solution. New: KAD / KAF / KAX ...
Mini series
"Kitchen treasure" inventor and trademark holder, in 2004, Kangquan "designed for the whole cabinet design" series of kitchen treasure and walk in the front of the industry. New: KV10 / KM6 ...
Instant water heater
For those who need a faucet to open, hot water to come to the user or place, we provide instant solution, copper liner, all-round active protection of patented technology, that is, that is hot, providing excellent business places to wash the solution. New: DSF-B1 ...
Household central water heater
Air source heat pump field pioneers, the first to enter the air source heat pump technology used in the field of hot water supply, 150L, 200L, 260L, 300L home central hot water machine, to provide you with a 24-hour hot water home, and the average province Electricity 75%. New: KFY-32 + KWS-32 ...
Commercial central water heater
How to use only one-fourth of the cost of 1000 people to solve the problem of hot water? Kangquan to provide you with energy saving, stable commercial central hot water solutions, factory dormitories, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, hotel chain of choice, the average annual electricity 75%. New: KFXRS-10I, KFXRS-18I ...
Our products


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