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Kang Quan advocated "first to buy a water heater after the decoration", "designed for the overall bathroom design", "create energy-saving low-carbon life" and other advanced concepts, focus on you to create a more luxurious, more overall, more stylish low-carbon bath space for you Provide "energy-saving tips", "decoration guide", "FAQ" and other intimate guide, so you in the purchase and use of the process more handy and happy.
Energy conservation
The heating temperature of the water heater is best set to a maximum of about 70 ℃, to ensure that there is sufficient hot water. The opening of the mixing valve to the nozzle can be sprayed to the extent you can not too large to prevent the waste of hot water and overheating.
Common problem
All aspects of your water heater products to answer questions, popularize the basic knowledge. need help? Search it!
Repair instructions
Kangquan has a professional and efficient after-sales service team, to provide pre-sale consulting, design, installation, maintenance, maintenance services, customers as long as a number, you can enjoy the whole from Kangquan Special
Customer service


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