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A water heater used for decades or longer records, just a coincidence or a miracle, but Kangquan water heater to create thousands of water heaters in China for 20 years of continuous use of records, is excellent quality and performance of the best testimony.
One of the secret magic "gold porcelain" liner - super anti-corrosion, to ensure long life

        Liner is the core of water heaters, water heater is the key to the service life. Kangquan porcelain special care liner coating, condensed more than 20 years experience the crystallization of China's hot water users experience, the use of world-class electrostatic dry boring technology, imports of silicon material and titanium chromium metal into a special protective layer, to Three anti-corrosion anti-scaling function, anti-leakage, anti-shock, anti-acid, anti-rust effect is more significant, each Kangquan "gold porcelain" liner, but also through the United States "UL" standard 100,000 life test, To ensure safety and longevity.


The secret of the four long plus thick anode protection stick

        The configuration of the super-thicker magnesium rods can separate the cations to neutralize the anions that have a slight corrosive effect on the inner liner, and are specially inserted into the stainless steel inner core to ensure that they do not break and effectively protect the liner.



Secret two professional seamless heating tube - safe and energy efficient, efficient model

        Because of the seamless, so the anti-corrosion ability and heating performance greatly enhance, to prevent the phenomenon of burst, from the fundamental to enhance the service life. Another anti-dry design and anti-impurities adsorption function, effective anti-corrosion anti-scale.

Secret of the five shell super rust

        In the wet environment in the long-term work, easy to make the water heater shell rust, Kangquan electric water heater for the toilet wet environment, especially with stainless steel galvanized aluminum spray shell, completely solve the problem of rusty shell.


The secret of the three unique welding process - the welding process, 100% sealed

        General water heater liner welding using welding or plug welding process, although the high yield, but often Weld, likely to cause liner leakage; Kang Quan exclusive use of automatic butt welding process, the perfect combination of liner components, 100% sealed, And liner coating penetration, to ensure long-term stability of the liner.


Kangquan automatic gas welding, lap type liner welding process, a convex and concave type of lap type


Pressure test up to 250,000 times is not easy to weld the welding process, easy to wear

Secret of the six high-density thick insulation layer

        Kangquan electric water heater insulation layer using Italy imported high-pressure polyurethane foam machine made of a one-time foam, thickness and density far more than the general water heater, insulation energy-saving effect is excellent.



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