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Kangquan has a professional, efficient after-sales service team, to provide pre-sales consulting, design, installation, maintenance, maintenance services, customers as long as a number, you can enjoy from the " Kangquan full professional services.
Care center
Kangquan China Customer Care Center is on behalf of the customer's position of the team, always for the supervision of our customers the quality of service. Service from each phone, you only need to tell your needs 4007-111-777, you can enjoy a more comprehensive service, no matter how to buy the product of satisfaction, or to solve your problems encountered in use, Our customer service representatives will be more thoughtful for you.
Help your selection
Kangquan product experts have a reasonable hot water supply solutions integrated in a strong data platform, as long as you enter your area, the family population, hot water outlets, units and other basic information, you can get a professional selection You can choose according to your own needs and go to your most convenient physical store or online purchase.
Using instructions
Kang Quan advocated "first to buy a water heater after the decoration", "designed for the overall bathroom design", "create energy-saving low-carbon life" and other advanced concepts, focus on you to create a more luxurious, more overall, more stylish low-carbon bath space for you Provide "energy-saving tips", "decoration guide", "FAQ" and other intimate guide, so you in the purchase and use of the process more handy and happy.
Guarantee service
In the country on the basis of three packs of law, Kangquan launched a gold medal upgrade service - "peace of mind" to provide the original quality warranty period after the end of the extended service and a series of value-added services, peace of mind to provide you with more peace of mind after-sales protection.
Here is the bridge between you and Kangquan, you can experience the advanced features of Kangquan water heater online, or provide your suggestions or comments online, we can fill out our online questionnaire, we will take a monthly survey questionnaire, And online announcements, your comments and suggestions are very important to us and thank you for your participation.
Our services


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