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Kangquan leading "designed for the overall bathroom design" technology, intelligent control and home furnishings closely integrated to create a stylish, comfortable, energy-saving home hot water solutions.


        "After the election of water heater decoration" is the perfect solution to the bathroom, before the decoration selected "designed for the overall bathroom" series of electric water heaters, to create more energy efficient, more secure, more stylish and perfect bathroom.

        To avoid the pipeline is too long caused by cold water after the phenomenon of hot water, more energy efficient to avoid the wrong water pipe caused by rework phenomenon, save time and effort to save money | in accordance with the intelligent water heater design, enjoy the night, reservations, Energy-saving technology.

        The location of the power socket is essential, the wrong location will cause hidden danger | power socket load matching is also very important, otherwise it will also cause security risks | bearing wall role can not be ignored, otherwise it will cause great hidden danger, the first election water heater After the decoration, to avoid the above hidden dangers.

        Choose the overall bathroom for water heaters, but not the water heater, see the controller | fashion, exquisite variety of controllers, perfect fit the wall, easy to control | free bathroom space, no complicated piping and exposed body obstruction beautiful, Bathroom is more perfect.

Industry led the original technology

        Industry-led built-in all-round anti-power wall design, more secure on the basis of greatly reducing the height of the water heater installation, the release of more space.

        Originality of the host and control lines completely hidden, through the intelligent controller to operate, so that the bathroom space is more perfect, stylish.


Smart technology to enjoy the aloof

        Speed-up capacity, dual-core power, booking timing, the temperature energy, night power and other more intelligent human intelligence.

        Full LCD touch, LCD touch screen, LCD / LED display and other user interface, the operation more humane.

Safety details of excellence

Intelligent controller with weak design, more suitable for bathroom humid environment, always care for security.

Controller panel not only to achieve the perfect fit with the tile, but also to achieve a level of adjustable, to avoid the installation of tilt affect the appearance.


Tailored system experts

According to the hotel, factory, school, hospital, villa, high-rise, multi-storey, small size or hardcover real estate division, comprehensive area, family number, unit status, decoration style, preferences, electricity environment and other factors, custom science, , Comfortable hot water solution.


Leading Technologies


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