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The introduction of advanced technology and equipment in Europe, to spend time to build a national laboratory, set up Kangquan global R & D center, to innovation, to provide users with more based on the needs of users of good products and services.

Dual-core power fast heat / heat / capacity three-in-one
Dual-core power is "semi-bile heat" and "speed increase capacity" two rapid power collectively, dual-core power to achieve the water heater heat / heat / capacity three functions of unity, a machine with three, three capacity Change, to cope with changes in the four seasons and the number of bathing, the different needs of the water, due to the need for intelligent control technology, economical and economical energy management, leading the hot water drive revolution.

One of the dual-core power - semi-bile hot hot water said to
In a hurry to wait for hot water? A person do not want to waste a bath? Summer showers do not want to waste? Small or summer shower, the hot water is not large, just start the "semi-bile heat" function, without heating the whole bile caused by waste; fast up to 5 times the heating speed, so you do not have to wait in time, Conditions, but also to achieve that is open to wash, so that you and your family faster to enjoy hot water bath.
Dual-core power of two - speed up to 5 times the hot water

People afraid of hot water for a long time, the bath rush fast The whole family line up a bath, the back of the people did not wash half of the hot water?

Scientific heating system structure design, as the relay as the continued heating, can provide up to 5 times the hot water, even in the cold winter, but also to maintain a large amount of hot water output, the whole family bath more fun, More enjoyable.




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