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  Experience the bathing experience brought by the advanced technology of Kangquan, where you will experience a variety of environments such as many people, fewer people, bathing terminals, single bathing terminals, summer and winter, and in different environments you can Experience the different functions of Kangquan water heater to bring the personal experience.
EMS intelligent energy saving
With intelligent memory analysis of the self-executing chip, automatically remember your water habits, on time to heat the water for your use.
EFS patented energy saving technology
It makes the hot water output rate increased to 85% or more, to achieve a small capacity also has large hot water output. Saving electricity, increase the amount of hot water.
Half price night setting
The use of advanced night technology, the use of peak and valley timing heating, saving half.
High density thick insulation layer
 The use of Italian imports of high-pressure polyurethane foam foam device made of a one-time foam, thickness and density of transcendent, greatly reducing heat loss.
High - speed heating and energy saving
Unique wide-distance heating tube design, so that contact with the water heating area increased, cold water heating rate and hot water recovery rate detached.
Low mixing ratio energy saving
Unique low level of water system, to minimize the bile in the hot and cold water mixing, to ensure that the hot water output temperature lasting constant.
Low heating and energy saving
Unique low-level immersion installation with low water system, increase the contact with the bottom cold water, heating without dead ends, improve the amount of hot water.
Timing heating technology
The user can pre-set and automatically adjust the heating time, to ensure that the water before heating to set the temperature.
Heating tube optimization energy saving
Imported Ingrid thick-walled stainless steel alloy made of seamless heating tube, completely solve the seam welded pipe material and process defects.
Full insulation energy saving design
Kangquan electric water heater liner covered with a fully enclosed insulation layer, a comprehensive insulation more energy efficient, to avoid 30% of the heat loss.
Medium temperature insulation technology
To solve the summer electricity shortage during the hot water is not the problem, the user can set the temperature according to bath preferences, that is, saving time and time.

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