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To promote the development of enterprises continue to add fresh blood, Kangquan hired a wealth of management, technical or sales experience of personnel. Is willing to every move in the history of the company, agree with the corporate culture of the insight to provide personal capacity, and a sense of accomplishment of the job.
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工作职位: KA销售经理 工作地区: 杭州(全国出差)
招聘时间: 2014-11-21 招聘人数: 1
有效期: 半年    

年 龄: 25-35 学 历: 大专以上
月 薪: 面谈 性 别:
工作经验: 不限 应聘方式: 0571-56615775
岗位说明: 熟悉国美、苏宁的KA系统


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