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  Kangquan College is the incubator center of Kangquan Company's talent development and promotion. The college has long engaged in domestic technology, research and development, marketing, finance and other fields as lecturers, training for employees, and professional management team Conduct regular internal seminars to provide staff with learning, opportunities and space.
Enterprise culture training
This kind of training helps new people to understand the history of the company, corporate values, organizational structure and corporate culture in the company, such as good communication, professional, focused attitude, innovative spirit, people-oriented concept. Through such training, with a view to helping people form a "common language" and "behavior."
Functional training and internships
To enable students to fully understand the company's operational processes and aspects of the operation, the company arranged for students in the relevant departments of rotation training and practice, by the department manager is responsible for helping them understand the department's work processes and related systems. So that students quickly familiar with the work environment and process for the future work to lay a good foundation.
Management training

This type of training continues the current world's top business school teaching methods, combined with the actual operation of the enterprise problems, through a variety of training methods to help you develop good and efficient professional habits and targeted thinking mode. Training topics include:

  •  Good communication skills and presentation
  •  How to form a good interpersonal relationship
  •  How to become a popular member of the team
  •  How to adapt to change and change
  •  The best way to solve the problem
  •  How to be a good team leader
  •  Personal Career Planning and Development
  •  Professional sales skills
  •  Business etiquette training
Marketing department training and internship

In order to establish market awareness, grasp the pulse of the market, in the sales terminal and service internship is also a very important part of the internship process. They will be arranged in the market line "terminal sales combat" and "installation and maintenance services" training and internships to help them better understand the needs of customers, to strengthen the market's feelings. At the same time through this series of internships, so that students enhance the ability to quickly adapt to the market.

Strengthen product training and practice
Kangquan positioning for the "global hot water supply experts", so each employee must be very understanding of the company's products, especially sales and service personnel. For this company by the senior product trainers on the new college students from shallow to deep intensive training, and scientific evaluation, making it on the job before the company's products have a more in-depth understanding.
Job division and dynamic assessment
Through pre-training and internships, college students have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the company, the company's human resources department with the company's job needs and seek personal career intentions to determine their specific jobs. During this period, the relevant department is responsible for helping to meet the needs of the job, human resources department to conduct regular follow-up communication and assessment to help them solve the work of confusion and provide professional career counseling.


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